Every December our players hold a shoot-a-thon fundraiser.  Each player shoots 100 free throws and 50 three-pointers and gets pledges from family and friends based on the number of shots made.  Or people can donate a fixed amount regardless of the number of shots made.

The money raised will help our basketball players at Monarch High School by purchasing new uniforms, practice gear, t-shirts and other equipment.  The money will also help pay for the numerous summer camps that we attend.

Booster Club

Join the Monarch Boosters to help support our team and all student athletes at Mohi! Annual memberships on RevTrak.

Annual Booster Club Poinsettia and Wreath Sale! We will earn 50% of the profits from our families!  You can order online at Monarch Wreath/Poinsettia Sale .

For more information, visit the Monarch Boosters website.

Grocery Cards

Did you know there is an easy way to help raise money for our basketball program by doing your grocery shopping and filling up your car with gas?!? Use a King Sooper or Safeway reloadable grocery card and we will earn 5% of your purchase amount. That’s right, 5% of your total purchase will be sent to our program to invest in developing our boys basketball skills!!!

How do I sign up? Simply click here or use the button below. The card will be mailed to you at home. It will come with a $2.50 balance already on the card but be sure to load it up at the register prior to your purchase. Also consider a card for your teenager for gas purchases!!!

As mentioned, the cards are reloadable and therefore can be used again and again. The sky is the limit on the amount of money we can earn with this fundraiser!!! So awesome!